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Location: Dallas, TX

What we do

We buy houses that need repairs and remodel them. We are experts in spotting houses that could be turned into lovely homes with the right touch. Contact us for information on current and upcoming opportunities.

We Work With Your Budget

BG INC strives to assist our clients in relieving the financial burden placed upon them by their property through ethical, respectful, and efficient means. We are committed to provide a hassle-free process for our clients while focusing on the renovation and sales of residential  properties.

How It Works

We’re local real estate experts who have created the most effective way to help homeowners sell their houses quickly and at a fair price. Selling your house can be expensive and complicated. Real estate agents will charge thousands or tens of thousands of dollars for a single sale. We take the stress out of selling your property. We buy houses as-is and then do the repairs ourselves!

Relax. Selling your house doesn’t need to be hard.

Real Estate Experts 

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You can trust us to restore your old home and give it the love it needs.